Aims and Scope

Purpose of the «Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. Medical sciences» is to publish scientific articles of fundamental and applied value based on data conducted through advanced theoretical and clinical research in various fields of medicine and related, medical bioethics, cross-border cooperation and research, with the contribution and visible impact to the development of the disciplines concerned, preferably with practical relevance. The publication presents various works by authors from the country and abroad, being welcome information on the latest developments in medical science and practice, inventions and patents obtained, theses defended for the title of doctor and doctor habilitat, clinical case studies, reviews books and magazines, essays from the literature, various correspondences (opinions, suggestions, letters). The authors are invited to use various research methods, including - qualitative, quantitative, theoretical, experimental, meta-analytical and clinical. This clear priority for comprehensive papers containing theoretical and clinical research based on methodology, with implications and recommendations for the development of new strategies, tactics, techniques, tools and medical remedies, etc., does not exclude those focused entirely on theory or methodology.

It is very relevant that the papers sent for publication in the «Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. Medical Sciences» to make a major impact on theoretical and clinical research, as well as on methods, armaments and medical pharmacopoeia. Submissions should clearly and comprehensively communicate the objectives and essence of the contributions to the topic. Papers that raise issues of major importance and real international relevance are highly appreciated. In addition, interdisciplinary approaches are welcome, as well as fundamental and applied research, oriented towards innovation and technology transfer.