Argumentation of the integrated functioning of the heart surgery and cardiology services within the Institute of Cardiology.


  • BATRINAC Aureliu IMSP Institutului de Cardiologie



The national health system, cardiology, cardiac surgery


The national health system is currently going through several stages and reforms which are are expected to lead to the international standards’ achievement. The surgical treatment is basically most lasting solution of cardiac conditions’ problems. Thus, the number of people who became disabled as a result of cardiovascular disease is about 2800 yearly, 55% of whom can be treated by surgery and could be excluded from the disabled. Thereby, this year, within the Institute of Cardiology, we have implemented a model of patient-based on integration of several services - emergency cardiology, interventional cardiology, endovascular surgery, cardiac surgery, electrophysiology, as well as cardiac ablation, implantationof devices in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias and cardiac rehabilitation.Increased number of hospitalized patients with emergency indications involves the diagnosis of acute pathologies, which require non-delayed surgical treatment, most of these patients being untransportable to specialized cardiac surgical institutions. Therefore, an imperative inEnsuring a collateral integration of the services of general cardiology, interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, cardiac surgery, anesthesiology and intensive care justifies its existence by fulfilling the tasks set before a specialized center to ensure: effectiveness, quality and economic efficiency.

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BATRINAC Aureliu, IMSP Institutului de Cardiologie

conf. cercet., dr. șt. med., specialist principal MS


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