Vascular tumors in children up to 3 years. Literature review


  • Sergiu CIUPAC OMF pediatrică și Pedodonție „Ion Lupan”
  • Vladmir SIMINOVICI OMF pediatrică și Pedodonție „Ion Lupan”



Classification, congenital hemangioma, infantile hemangioma, vascular malformation


Today, many people worldwide suffer from at least one vascular disease, one of these diseases is the hemangioma. A hemangioma is a vascular tumor which, in many cases, requires surgical intervention. Aproximatively 30% of all hemangiomas are visible at birth. It occurs 5 time more often in females than in males, 83% occur on the head and neck area, the remaining 17 % appear throughout to the rest of the body, externally and internally. The biggest problem is the origin of this tumor. Could we understand how a hemangioma forms, we should be able to accelerate its disappearance, or prevent its growth in the first place.

Author Biographies

Sergiu CIUPAC, OMF pediatrică și Pedodonție „Ion Lupan”

asistent universitar; Catedra de Chirurgie

Vladmir SIMINOVICI, OMF pediatrică și Pedodonție „Ion Lupan”

conf. univ.; Catedra de Chirurgie


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