The problem of medical errors in the context of Burnout syndrome.


  • Constantin PISARENCO International Free University of Moldova
  • Serghei PISARENCO IMSP "Chiril Draganiuc" Phthisiopneumology Institute



burnout syndrome, medical error, psychology, legal liability


Purpose. To highlight the significance and trends in solving the problem of medical errors in the context of the burnout syndrome.
Materials and methods. With the help of the Google Scholar search engine and the Medline, Web of Science bibliographic databases, according to the key phrases, the literary sources and normative acts related to the studied problem were selected and analyzed.
Results. Overstrain and emotional exhaustion of doctors (burnout syndrome) poses a direct risk to patient safety - burned out doctors are much more likely to make mistakes. Identification and analysis of relevant errors can be a step towards their understanding and correction; which, on the one hand, will improve the quality of medical care, and on the other hand, will help doctors deal with the psycho-emotional and legal consequences of medical errors.
Conclusions. The burnout syndrome poses a direct risk to patient safety. Prevention of this syndrome improves the quality of medical care, prevents medical errors, their legal and other consequences.

Author Biographies

Constantin PISARENCO, International Free University of Moldova

dr. în drept, conf. univ.

Serghei PISARENCO, IMSP "Chiril Draganiuc" Phthisiopneumology Institute

dr. hab. în șt. med., conf. univ.


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