Analysis of deaths in the cohort of patients who suffered COVID and neurological manifestations: the results of the energy study in the Republic of Moldova


  • Oxana GROSU Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery "Diomid Gherman"
  • Galina ZOLOTCO "Nicolae Testemitanu" State University of Medicine and Pharmacy



COVID 19, mortality, ENERGY, neurological manifestations


Several studies have evaluated risk factors associated with mortality related to COVID-19. Important risk factors associated with an increased mortality rate include older age, male sex, current smoking, baseline comorbidities (especially chronic renal, respiratory, and cardio-cerebrovascular disease), dyspnea symptoms, complications during hospitalization, corticosteroid therapy, and a severe condition.The aim of the research was to characterize and analyze the cohort of patients who died with neurological manifestations and COVID 19. Materials and methods: The analysis of the cohort of patients from the Republic of Moldova included in the ENERGY Registry was performed. The Republic of Moldova cohort at the time of publication included 200 patients, who were assessed by telephone every 6 months. 58 patients who died were identified and included in the study. Deaths occurred in both the initial and follow-up phases. Statistical data were extracted and analyzed using SPSS. Results and discussion: The mean age of the patients included in the study group was 70.6 ± 12.1 years. There were 37 women (63.8%) and 21 men (36.2%). The deceased subjects presented comorbidities in 91.4% (53p) cases, being as follows: hypertension (89.7%), coronary heart disease – 29.3% cases, DM type II – 27.6%, renal pathologies (17.2%), liver (6.9%), anemia (6.9%), lung disease (3.4%), presence of cancer – 12.1% and immunosuppression (1.7%). Pre-existing neurological pathologies were present in 44.8% (26 p) of the examined patients, the most important being: stroke (27.6%), dementia (5.2%) and neuropathy (1.7%). 79.3% of patients were admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. Correlation analysis demonstrated a positive correlation between patient death and the presence of diabetes (r=0.163, p=0.034), the presence of any complications (r=0.163, p=0.034), pneumonia (r=0.201, p=0.07) and the need for ventilation support (r=0.206, p=0.007). Conclusions: The cohort of patients who died with COVID 19 and neurological manifestations from the Republic of Moldova has a remarkably high mortality rate (34.3%): patients with comorbidities, pre-existing neurological pathologies, who presented pulmonary complications that required ventilatory support and treatment in intensive care.

Author Biographies

Oxana GROSU, Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery "Diomid Gherman"

dr. șt. med.,cercet. șt.

Galina ZOLOTCO, "Nicolae Testemitanu" State University of Medicine and Pharmacy

medic rezident, cercet. șt. stagiar


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