Diagnostic significance of cytological examination in the differential diagnostics of pleural effusion.


  • Irada AHUNDOVA Research Institute of Pulmonary Diseases
  • GHIULZAR ALIEVA Research Institute of Pulmonary Diseases
  • KENIUL KERIMOVA Research Institute of Pulmonary Diseases




cytology, pleural fluid, tumors, tuberculosis


The cytological examination of the evacuated pleural fluid is very important in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of the etiology of pleural effusion syndrome. Assessment of the effectiveness of using the cytological diagnostic method in a routine way was conducted within the frames of the given study. Materials of 320 patients with pleural effusion have been studied. In cases of malignant tumors pleurisies were seen in 8.1% of patients, the diagnosis of tuberculous pleurisy was confirmed in 26.9% of cases. Pleurisy of non-tumor nature (reactive, tuberculotic, etc.) has been noticed in 32.8% of cases. Rare forms of pleural effusion, such as cholesterol or caused by perforation of an echinococcal cyst into the pleura, consist 3% of all identified types. The most difficult for diagnosing are initial pleura tumors and their differentiation.

Author Biographies

Irada AHUNDOVA, Research Institute of Pulmonary Diseases

Candidate of Medical Sciences

GHIULZAR ALIEVA, Research Institute of Pulmonary Diseases

Candidate of Medical Sciences

KENIUL KERIMOVA, Research Institute of Pulmonary Diseases

Candidate of Medical Sciences


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