The role of magnetic resonance imaging (IMR) in the diagnosis of tumor and somatic pathologies. Introduction.


  • Simion MARGA University of Medicine and pharmacy "Nicolae Testemitanu"; Medical Center "MagnaMed"



Magnetic resonance, diagnosis, tumors, somatic pathologies, efficacy


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a non-invasive investigation, which allows the anatomical investigation, but also the physiological processes of the human body, for the diagnosis of tumors, somatic diseases, etc. MRI can be diversified into neuroimaging, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, functional, angiography, and other special-izations and techniques.The purpose of the work. Analysis of the possibilities and effectiveness of the application of MRI in the diagnosis of tumors and somatic pathologies in one year of activity (2021-2022) at an Ingenia Ambition-1.5T installation and the annual functional possibilities. Materials and methods. MRI investigations were performed at the Ingenia Ambition-1.5T Philips Magnetic Resonance Facility on 8,789 patients aged between 1 month and 84 years, with tumors and somatic diseases, applying the techniques and protocols corresponding to the investigative level. The protocols were applied in different planes (axial, coronary, sagittal, oblique), and techniques such as T2w, T1w, PD, FLAIR, SWI, DWI, DWI_ZOOM, DTY, DWI_BS, STIR, SPIR, T1_mDICSON, T2_mDIXON, 3D-DIR, T1w+Cdyn, T2*perfusion, ASL perfusion, 3D pCASL perfusion, Spectro, BTFE, dual FFT, MRSP, mDIXON_quantification.

Author Biography

Simion MARGA, University of Medicine and pharmacy "Nicolae Testemitanu"; Medical Center "MagnaMed"

doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor; Department of Radiology and imaging


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