Features of detection of latent tuberculosis infection in patients with inflammatory intestinal diseases


  • Gylystan BABAEVA Research Institute of Pulmonary Diseases of the Ministry of Health; Azerbaijan State Institute of Advanced Medical Training named after A.Aliyev
  • KENIUL KERIMOVA Research Institute of Pulmonary Diseases of the Ministry of Health; Azerbaijan State Institute of Advanced Medical Training named after A.Aliyev
  • Gamar AHMEDZADE Research Institute of Pulmonary Diseases of the Ministry of Health; Azerbaijan State Institute of Advanced Medical Training named after A.Aliyev




inflammatory bowel diseases, tuberculosis, latent tuberculosis infection, gastrointestinal tuberculosis, abdominal tuberculosis


A quarter of the world’s population has latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI). Systemic immunosuppression is a risk factor for the reactivation of LTBI and the development of active tuberculosis, and such reactivation is associated with a substantial risk of morbidity and mortality. Despite the growing global prevalence of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) and the use of immunosuppressive therapies, current recommendations for LTBI testing and treatment in IBD patients lack a systematic approach due to a lack of evidence. Currently, the main challenge in accurately diagnosing inflammatorybowel diseases (IBD) is the high prevalence of conditions that lead to intestinal lesions mimicking IBD.

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Gylystan BABAEVA, Research Institute of Pulmonary Diseases of the Ministry of Health; Azerbaijan State Institute of Advanced Medical Training named after A.Aliyev

Candidate of Medical Sciences

KENIUL KERIMOVA, Research Institute of Pulmonary Diseases of the Ministry of Health; Azerbaijan State Institute of Advanced Medical Training named after A.Aliyev

Candidate of Medical Sciences

Gamar AHMEDZADE, Research Institute of Pulmonary Diseases of the Ministry of Health; Azerbaijan State Institute of Advanced Medical Training named after A.Aliyev

Candidate of Medical Sciences


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