Spontaneous heterotopic pregnancy


  • Ana MISHINA Institute of Mother and Child
  • Sergiu PUIU State University of Medicine and pharmacy "Nicolae Testemitanu"
  • Cristina DOBREVA Institute of Mother and Child




heterotopic, ectopic, pregnancy


The authors presented a documented case of spontaneous heterotopic pregnancy (uterine in combination with ruptured left tubal pregnancy). A laparoscopic tubectomy was performed. The uterine pregnancy progressed and finalized in time with the birth of a healthy child through the natural genital tract. A review of the literature on the diagnostic features and surgical treatment of heterotopic pregnancy is presented.

Author Biographies

Ana MISHINA, Institute of Mother and Child

Dr. habil. in Med. Sci.,; Surgical gynecology department

Sergiu PUIU, State University of Medicine and pharmacy "Nicolae Testemitanu"

Dr. in Med. Sci., Assoc. Prof.,; The course of ultrasonography

Cristina DOBREVA, Institute of Mother and Child

doctor obstetrician-gynecologist; Surgical gynecology department


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