Mirizzi syndrome - diagnostic features and surgical treatment options.


  • Ivan CUCU Universitatea de Stat de Medicină și Farmacie „Nicolae Testemițanu”
  • Adrian HOTINEANU Universitatea de Stat de Medicină și Farmacie „Nicolae Testemițanu”
  • Alexandru FERDOHLEB Universitatea de Stat de Medicină și Farmacie „Nicolae Testemițanu”




Mirizzi syndrome, diagnosis, treatment


Mirizzi syndrome (MS) represents a rare clinical entity, being a challenge in biliary tract surgery. However, recent advances in technology have provided surgeons with new options for timely diagnosis and surgical treatment. Mirizzi syndrome currently has an incidence of 1%, representing 0.7-1.4% of all cholecystectomies performed. The study group included 73 patients treated in the clinic during the years 2000-2022, with attestation of the prevalence of type II MS. A combination of two or more diagnostic techniques increased the rate of preoperative diagnosis. The treatment was exclu- sively surgical adopted for the type of MS. Optimizing the methods of diagnosis and surgical treatment allows to increase the rate of objectification of the diagnosis and the choice of the surgical technique depending on the type of MS favoring the postoperative evolution.

Author Biographies

Ivan CUCU, Universitatea de Stat de Medicină și Farmacie „Nicolae Testemițanu”

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Adrian HOTINEANU, Universitatea de Stat de Medicină și Farmacie „Nicolae Testemițanu”

dr. hab. în șt. med., prof. univer.,

Alexandru FERDOHLEB, Universitatea de Stat de Medicină și Farmacie „Nicolae Testemițanu”

dr. hab. în șt. med., conf. univer., Laboratorul de cercetări științifice „Chirurgia reconstructivă a tractului digestiv”


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