Patient Safety: Modern Challenges and Means of Ensuring in the Medical Field


  • Mihaela MANEA Institute of Phthisiopneumology "Chiril Draganiuc"
  • Serghei PISARENCO Institute of Phthisiopneumology "Chiril Draganiuc"
  • Constantin MARTINIUC IMSP Institutul de Ftiziopneumologie „Chiril Draganiuc”
  • Constantin PISARENCO International Free University of Moldova
  • Victoria NICOLAEV Institute of Phthisiopneumology "Chiril Draganiuc"



patient safety, modern challenges, ensuring measures, international safety goals


In the article, the importance of patient safety in a medical organization is discussed. Through a literature review and interviews with healthcare workers, modern challenges and safety measures in the medical field have been explored, including safety culture, education and staff training, technology utilization, and active patient participation. The results emphasize that patient safety requires a systemic approach and constant efforts from all participants in the medical organization.

Author Biographies

Mihaela MANEA, Institute of Phthisiopneumology "Chiril Draganiuc"

Tuberculosis Specialist, M.M.S.P.

Serghei PISARENCO, Institute of Phthisiopneumology "Chiril Draganiuc"

PhD in Medical Sciences, Assoc. Prof. Univ.

Constantin MARTINIUC, IMSP Institutul de Ftiziopneumologie „Chiril Draganiuc”

PhD in Medical Sciences, Assoc. Prof. Research

Constantin PISARENCO, International Free University of Moldova

PhD in Law, Assoc. Prof. Univ.

Victoria NICOLAEV, Institute of Phthisiopneumology "Chiril Draganiuc"

Tuberculosis Specialist.


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